Personal Injury

emergencyPersonal injury is a legal term for any injury to an individual caused by another person's negligent, careless or intentional actions. We generally think of personal injuries as injuries to the body only. However, a personal injury isn't limited just to one's body, it can also be emotional, financial or something intangible, like diminished quality of life or the loss of care and affection of a loved one. In fact,most personal injury lawsuits claim more than one type of injury. For example, in an auto accident lawsuit, the plaintiff may claim damages for physical injuries from the collision, financial damages from car repairs, lost wages, pain and suffering, and a diminished quality of life due to the wrongful death of a loved one killed in the accident. Under Georgia law, a person can recover for personal injuries caused by:

  • Negligence – reckless or careless conduct by another person who fails to use ordinary care in his actions
  • Intentional misconduct — actions that may or may not be crimes but which cause a serious injury
  • Strict liability – usually liability imposed on a manufacturer or seller of a defective and unreasonably dangerous product

Hiring a Georgia personal injury attorney

Under Georgia law, people who have suffered a personal injury are entitled to recover money damages from those who caused their injuries. The amount obtained in damages can pay medical and other bills, provide income for people who have been disabled due to their injuries, provide a future income for those who may never return to work, and compensate people for physical and emotional pain and suffering they have endured. It may also expose illegal or unethical behavior by individuals and companies, bring public pressure to change or stop their damaging behavior, and prevent similar incidents in the future. In some cases, a jury may decide to award punitive damages — payments to an accident victim which are meant to punish reckless and negligent conduct by the defendant.

Ripper Law Firm PC focuses its practice on helping people who have suffered serious personal injuries obtain the maximum compensation allowed by law. Our Atlanta personal injury lawyers have obtained significant recoveries for injury victims caused by large corporations, irresponsible drivers and other careless parties. Through intense case preparation and effort, we position our clients' cases for the best possible result, whether through a negotiated settlement or a jury verdict.

If you, a family member or a loved one have been injured by the careless or negligent acts of others, and you're considering a personal injury lawsuit, you probably have a number of questions and concerns. For this reason, Ripper Law Firm PC offers free consultations. We are here for one reason: to protect your interests. Rest assured, the insurance companies and corporations have an army of attorneys at their disposal to protect theirs. Call (404) 445-5000 for a free case evaluation. We encourage you not to delay seeking legal representation, as personal injury cases must be brought within the statute of limitations and can be lost forever if not pursued timely.